Printing Technology

Introduced in the year 1991, this is the one course which incorporates all Course contents and second of the only two institutions in Karnataka offering Diploma in Printing Technology. The course of 3 years (6 semesters) recognized by BTE, Bengaluru & AICTE, New Delhi. A good career oriented technical education since 1992 with a high job market demand. The products have been absorbed by the Publication and Printing Industry in the campus interview itself. Thus, this branch has achieved 100% placements since its inception till date.


Printing is a combination of art and technology. The advancement in technology and the entry of computers has changed printing technology into a multifaceted industry. A professional in printing industry has to have knowledge of Machinery, Electronics, Management, Software as well as Designing concept. This is one course which incorporates all branches of engineering into one.


This course encompasses the following areas of specialization for students:

  • Flexography, Gravure and Screen Printing Industry. Printing Machine, Maintenance and Servicing. Sales and Marketing. Finishing, Conversion and Packaging Technology.
  • Commercial, Security and Publication Printing. Sales, Marketing and Business Development. On demand printing and Value based Speciality Printing.
  • Digital Printing and Graphic Design. Print Costing and Estimation. Pesearch and Development. Quality Control. Packaging Technology. Advertising Agency.
  • Packaging is the another versatile industry which is growing at a very rapid rate and giving more opportunities for the printing students.

Course Content

Pre Press

In this course, you are taught the Basics of Computer and Operating System, Desk Top Publishing Software like Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker, Indesign, Illustrator, Quark Express, CoreIDPAW and Imposition and Esko Softwares.

After successful completion, you will be able to handle jobs in medium and large Print Shops, Digital Printing Media and Advertising Agencies.

Press or Printing

Press or Printing The old method of letter press image setting has been replaced by new method of computer images, its assembly and reproduction through photo-chemical/mechanically made image carriers. This technology has reached even remote areas and getting trained in this field is very much appropriate and increase the job acquisition rate. After successful completion, you will be able to prepare image assembly for Planographic printing process and the method of preparing image carriers (plates) for different processes including screen preparation with Computer to Film (CTF) and Computer to plate(CTP) knowledge. This practical oriented course provides more time for hands-on experience on sheet-fed, web-fed Printing Machines. At the same time, they will acquire theoretical knowledge with basics of Electronic Printing and Modern Digital Printing. You will also be trained to plan the jobs and execute them.

Post Press Technology

In this course, you will be taught about various converting and finishing operations like Binding and Packaging which is more relevant with the present Printing Industry. They will also study about operating Gravure, Flexo and Screen Printing during the course.


The students have been placed in some of the leading industries like:

  • Manipal Press Ltd., Manipal
  • RBI Note Mudran Press, Mysore
  • The Hindu, Mangalore
  • Malayala Manorama
  • Vijaya Karnataka, Mangalore
  • Times of India, Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi
  • Deccan Herald, Bangalore and Mangalore
  • Universal Print System, Bangalore
  • Macmillan India Ltd., Bangalore
  • Sudhindra Offset, Bangalore
  • Thomson Press India Ltd., Delhi
  • Ajanta Offset, Delhi
  • Tata Press Mumbai
  • Unique Offset, Mumbai
  • Navneet Publication, Mumbai
  • Muller Martini India Ltd., Mumbai
  • Autoprint Machinery Coimbatore
  • Printo, Bangalore
  • Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore.
  • Khaleej Times, Dubai.
  • Albea Group, Goa
  • Emirates Press, Dubai
  • Borkar Packaging, Goa
Printing Technology Brochure