Mechanical Engineering

There is hardly any aspect of life that is not influenced by a Mechanical Engineer.

As a student in the field of Mechanical Engineering, you will learn to research, develop, design, manufacture and test tools, engines, machines, and other mechanical devices. You will work on power generating machines such as internal combustion engines, turbines. and jet and rocket engines. You will also learn to develop machines such as refrigerators and air-conditioners, robots, materials handling systems, and industrial production equipment. CAD/CAM courses assist you in designing components with greatest possible efficiencies. Mechanical Engineering is the broadest and most diverse engineering discipline. Not many industries can exist without Mechanical Engineers.


The Mechanical Engineering Department of our Polytechnic has the following well equipped laboratories and workshops:

  • Basic Workshop
  • Welding, Sheet Metal work and soldering workshop
  • Mechanical Testing Lab and Quality Control Lab
  • Foundry and Forging Shop
  • Machine Shop with Milling machines, Shaping machines, Lathes, geared Lathes, Drilling machines, Grinding machines etc.
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab with Pro/ E, Iron CAD, Solid Edge & Projector
  • Heat Engine & Thermal Lab
  • Mechatronics and CNC lab with simulation facility
  • Pneumatics Lab with basic pneumatic kit
  • Audio Visual Hall with Smartboard

Job Opportunities

Mechanical Engineering is the most sought after branch as the core industries namely Steel, Power generating companies, Mechanical equipment mfg. companies, Automotive companies, Aerospace companies, Ship-building companies, Metal working industries namely Aluminium, Copper, Stainless steel processing industries, Cement, Earthmoving machinery manufacturing companies have opportunities of placements for Mechanical Engineering graduates. Foundry, forging and metal rolling mills also provide good opportunities for placement. Software companies also require Mechanical Engineers to a large extent for their domain knowledge.

Aqua Alloys, L&T, Jindal Steel Works, Bharathi Shipyards Ltd, Manipal Media Network Ltd., Suzlon Energy, LANCC (Udupi Power Corporation Ltd), QuEST (India), Thomson Press, Fenesta Building Systems, Essar Steel, Anand Group of Companies, ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd., TVS Motors are some of the industries who have recruited our students.

Mechanical Engineering Brochure