Electronics & Communication Engineering

The field of electronics and communication is advancing at a very rapid pace. Its scope encompasses cutting-edge research and development, education and applications. Digital electronics has taken centre stage in every area, be it computers, microprocessors or communications. On the one hand, processors are racing at GHz, while the opto-electronics have brought in tremendous speed and bandwidth capacity. The wireless communication (mobile communication) has experienced an explosive growth over the last two decades, facilitating multimedia (voice, data, video, fax, e-mail etc.) and megabit services from tiny portable set and many more challenges.

These developments combined with a large spectrum of new challenges to the business, engineering and scientific community. It may be necessary to adopt new technologies; the replacement of old systems can take place only gradually. Every field works effectively only with the proper use of electronics and communication. The engineers/scientists thus need to prepare themselves to be able to work in such an environment with a mixture of new and old technologies. In view of these realities, the Electronics and Communication Department has adopted the teaching program to prepare the students with innovative and skillful approach. The students are encouraged and motivated to take up challenging projects related to recent trends in the industry and technology. Selected talks by distinguished persons and industrial visits are arranged regularly with a view to update the students with the latest in education and technology. Diploma students also have an opportunity for higher studies by joining engineering institutions through lateral entry scheme, as considered by most of them.

Placement Records

Our students have been placed in industries and corporations like MNE Technologies (P) Ltd, Intel Technologies India Ltd, Manipal Press Ltd, BHEL, HCL Info Systems, Cadbury India Ltd, Mando India Ltd, Robosoft Technologies, Kirloskar Electric Company in the last 5 years. This course has a very high potential of placements in thejob market.

Electronics & Communication Engineering Brochure